Graphical X-Men Timeline

Updated: September 5th, 2013

A Graphical X-Men Timeline From 1969 to 2014

Below you will find my graphical X-Men Timeline, a companion to my X-Men Read Order. I though it is best display on the website with years along the X Axis (no pun intended!), as to benefit from scrolling.  You might also be looking for these features:

What’s included in the Graphical X-Men Timeline?

I’ve included only long running ongoing series. There are some exceptions, as you will see the broken string of “New X-Men” titles neatly tied together in their own X-Men Timeline as they transition from New Mutants Volume 2 to New X-Men: Academy X and Young X-Men, back to featuring the original New Mutants in Volume 3.  It features:

How the titles are grouped in the Graphical X-Men Timeline

The grouping here is part compromise in order to reduce the number of columns, while at the same time keeping the same “teams” together, more so than the titles. A notable difference this brings is having the title “X-Factor” on two separate lines, as a part of the series focused on the original X-Men, which then transferred to X-Men #1, volume #2 in the X-Men Timeline, while X-Factor continued with a whole new team. Titles featuring New Mutants are all on the same line, despite not starring in every one of those titles, as the characters occasionally become mentors and teachers themselves.

The Graphical X-Men Timeline

To get a reading order of issues for the X-Men Timeline, see our X-Men Read Order.

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