Mary Jane Watson Comic Book Essentials Timeline

Mary Jane Watson (Sometimes Watson-Parker), is arguably the most important supporting character in the Amazing Spider-Man. Her history is spread out across decades of issues, as she weaves in and out of of Peter Parker’s life, until their wedding, where she maintains a more stable appearance after that.

The following is a list of some of the most important issues concerning Mary Jane, which would make for an interesting read.

Read along with us on this Mary Jane Watson comic book Timeline.

The First Mary Jane Watson Comic Book Appearance

mary jane watson comic book
Mary Jane's first appearance in Amazing Spider-Man #42

Mary Jane had been name dropped and even portrayed with face hidden in Amazing Spider-Man #25, but her first appearance is found in the last panel of Amazing Spider-Man #42. This panel is one of the most iconic in comic book history, and has been reenacted multiple times in the series, and features the most popular of Mary Jane Watson quotes;

“Face it, Tiger. You hit the Jackpot!”

The first full Mary Jane Watson comic book appearance, as well as her first date with Peter Parker, is in the following issue of Amazing Spider-Man #43.

Mary Jane Watson Quotes
Mary Jane Watson Comic Essentials
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A Very Typical 60′s Mary Jane Watson Comic

Peter Parker eventually gravitates towards Gwen Stacy (the character Peter was meant to be with, according to original writer and creator Stan Lee). Mary Jane stays in Peter’s social circle and eventually dates Harry Osborn, though she continues to keep an eye on peter. She continues to display her “wild” side, which is perfectly demonstrated in Amazing Spider-Man #59, where Mary Jane gets a job dancing at a new club which becomes the source of the action for the next two issues.

Mary Jane Watson Comic Dancing

Mary Jane Dumps Harry Osborn

Mary Jane lets Harry know she’s “nobody’s girl”, which in part leads him into a drug problem in Amazing Spider-Man #97. In this classic trilogy of issues beggining in #96, we find the first issues not approved by the Comic Code Authority. All in all, some more classic Mary Jane Watson comic book attitude.

Mary Jane Watson Comic

Mary Jane consoles Peter after Gwen’s Death

Following Gwen Stacy’s death, Mary Jane bucks her superficial label and decides to face reality and console Peter after his girlfriend/her friend’s death. The seeds of Peter and MJ’s relationship are truly planted in this issue of Amazing Spider-Man #122.

Mary Jane Watson Comic

Mary Jane Falls In Love with Peter Parker

In a scene that could and should be reproduced on film, Peter and MJ realize their love for one another as they kiss before he leaves on a plane to Europe in Amazing Spider-Man #143.

Mary Jane Watson Comic.

Peter Proposes to MJ for the First Time

Peter eventually proposes to Mary Jane in Amazing Spider-Man #182. She rejects his proposal, using her “not wanting to get pinned down” as an excuse in the essential Mary Jane Watson comic issues of Amazing Spider-Man #183. They officially break up in Spider-Man #193.

Mary Jane Watson Comic.

Mary Jane Watson Returns

Mary Jane returns to New York from Florida in Amazing Spider-Man #242 (She had left in Amazing Spider-Man #201 after their break-up). Here return is feature fully in Amazing Spider-Man #243. At this point, Peter is still in somewhat of a relationship with the Black Cat.

Mary Jane Watson Comic.

Mary Jane Knows Peter is Spider-man

Mary Jane reveals to Peter, following a hard-to-hide battle with the Puma in his apartment with MJ on the other side of the door, that she knows and has known for a while that he is Spider-Man. A confrontation that makes Amazing Spider-Man #257 an essential Mary Watson comic.

Mary Jane Watson Comic.

Mary Jane Watson’s Origin

No too far down the Mary Jane Watson chronology, she reveals to Peter her past in relation to her family in Amazing Spider-Man #259. This issue the is a must have Mary Jane Watson comic, which really adds depth to this character and marks the beginning of the rekindling of their relationship.

Mary Jane Watson Comic.

Peter’s Second Proposal

Peter proposes a second time in Amazing Spider-Man #290. This leads Mary Jane on a soul searching quest back to her family in Pittsburgh, which plays out as as sequel of sorts to Amazing Spider-Man #259 in Amazing Spider-Man #291 and Amazing Spider-Man #292 (where she finally accepts) .

Mary Jane Watson Comic.

Mary Jane Watson and Peter Parker’s Wedding

The issue immediately following the acceptance of the proposal (chronologically), the couple are married in Amazing Spider-Man Annual #21. Their honeymoon follows in Spectacular Spider-Man Annual #7. Take a look at this beautiful Mary Jane Watson Wedding Dress in the image below.

Mary Jane Watson Wedding Dress.

Mary Jane gets Pregnant

Their marriage goes through many bumps and turns, with Mary Jane gaining much success in acting and modelling (along with the many deranged fan storylines). She even goes through a smoking period, which is chronicled throughout many issues. The next major issue focusing on her alone is during the Web of Death crossover, where she buries the hatchet with father in Spectacular Spider-Man #219, and then reveals to Peter that she is pregnant in Spectacular Spider-Man #220. She has a “miscarriage” (more so an editorial “retcon”) in Amazing Spider-Man #419.

Mary Jane Watson Timeline

While this timeline mostly features Mary Jane’s early appearance in the Spider-Man chronology, it really allows you to understand where she is coming from.

Here’s a break down of each issue mentioned above:

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