Powers of X #2: Essential Issues

SPOILERS: We’ll discuss what happens in Powers of X #2 and other issues prior

We are now 4 issues deep into Hickman’s inaugural run on X-Men. The story has now been firmly set up and now, especially in the Powers of X series, the world somewhat more self-contained. The revelations that came in House of X #2 shook the foundation of the X-Men world and cause a major revision of all that came before. In Powers of X #2, with its look to the future, there are fewer back issues to review. Still, Hickman does link back to a number of issues in the X-Men’s past, especially to the classic Claremont era.

Let’s dig in to back issues that pertain to Powers of X #2

Island M

Magneto’s Bermuda Triangle island base makes an early appearance in this issue. R.B. Silva, this issues artist, shared this comparison on his Instagram:

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Give a trophy to this man! He was the only one to notice this reference. RepostBy @nomoremutants: “This is what I live for!! A new panel from Powers of X issue 2 that is connected to a classic panel from Uncanny X-men 148. @rbsilva_comics does a great job in referencing the great Dave Cockrum!!! @rbsilva_comics got to be a real X-men Fan!! 2019: ‪10/04: Joker‬ 2020: ‪02/07: Birds of Prey (And the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn)‬ ‪02/21: Bloodshot (Sony)‬ 04/03: Untitled DC film 04/03: The New Mutants (new date) 05/01: BLACK WIDOW ‪06/05: Wonder Woman 1984‬ ‪07/24: Untitled DC film‬ ‪07/31: Morbius (Sony)‬ ‪10/02: Untitled Sony Marvel sequel‬ ‪11/06: ETERNALS‬ 2021 ‪02/12: ‬SHANG-CHI AND THE LEGEND OF THE TEN RINGS 05/07: DOCTOR STRANGE IN THE MULTIVERSE OF MADNESS ‪06/25: The Batman ‬ ‪08/06: Suicide Squad 2 ‬ ‪11/05: ‬THOR LOVE AND THUNDER TBD:: Marvel BLADE #marvelcomics #Comics #marvel #comicbooks #avengers #avengersinfinitywar #xmen #gotg #captainamerica #ironman #thor #hulk #spiderman #uncannyxmen #wolverine #jeangrey #houseofx #gambit #rogue #powersofx #deadpool #farfromhome #cyclops #avengersendgame #magneto #thanos #rasputin” #RBSilva

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Island M, as it is known, first appeared in Uncanny X-Men #4, though this visual representation of it first appeared in Uncanny X-Men #147, and was more thoroughly presented in Uncanny X-Men #148. The timing of the visit depicted in Powers of X #2 is unclear.

Uncanny X-Men #148

Magneto and Moira

Magneto and Moira’s relationship is explored a bit more in this issue, and is likely prior to X-Men (1991) #1-3, as Magneto would then be residing in Asteroid M. Therefore, this meeting occurs before Magneto confronts Moira about her experimenting on him after he was reverted into infancy and placed in her care.

X-Men #2

Master Mold

It was previously revealed but now further explored in this issue that the plans stolen in House of X #1 are that of a “Mother Mold”, a maker of Master Molds, which in turn are makers of Sentinels.

The first Master Mold appeared in Uncanny X-Men #15 and #16. A master mold, merged with Nimrod, passes through the Siege Perilous in Uncanny X-Men #246 and #247 (This merger creates the villain known as Bastion).

Nimrod merges with Master Mold in Uncanny X-Men #246

The Phalanx

The Phalanx Covenant

This issue in particular focuses on the robot ascendance and ties in a lot of the robot/machine characters found in X-Men comics. We’ve seen Nimrod, Master Mold and the Sentinels, and now we are seeing a previously tangentially connected X-Men villain converge in this issue: The Phalanx. (We say “tangentially”, as Stephen Lang, a Sentinel manufacturer and adopted alias of a sentient Master Mold, was absorbed by the Phalanx).

The Phalanx is a hive-mind robot alien species that are offshoots of the Technarchy (see: Warlock). They infect organic lifeforms with a techno-organic transmode virus (see: Cable). They first appeared in Uncanny X-Men #312 and #313, though their story is much more fully developed in the Phalanx Covenant event. They are later found in war against the Shi’ar in Uncanny X-Men #343 and #344.

Hickman has stated that he is a fan of Generation X, which were launched during the Phalanx Covenant (see those issues for the first appearances of most of the members). You could expect for this storyline to be important in the course of his X-Men run, so read up, True Believers!

X-Men #36

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