Spider-Man (Earth-616) Sliding Timescale

A timeline  documenting Peter Parker’s 14 years as Spider-Man employing a floating timeline (sliding timescale) up to 2014

[The following is guest post from friend of the site Anthony Lieu. Enjoy!]

Hey there, True Believers. You might remember a couple of months ago, I released the X-Men Film Timeline.

In celebration of Spider-Man’s 52nd Anniversary, I decided to build a timeline to document Peter Parker’s 14 years as Spider-Man. I’ve spent the last few months reading literally hundreds and hundreds of comics so that I could make this as accurate as possible. Unfortunately, this is going to be a wall of plain text before I get the opportunity to do something on imgur. I kept on finding more and more events to include in the timeline, and it just sort of spiraled out of control! I will lay out some of my headcanon before hand, and hopefully you all enjoy!

Peter Parker/Spider-Man’s birthday will be considered August 10th, 1985 (for the purposes of the timeline). His debut, Amazing Fantasy #15, was released on August 10th, 1962. This will give us a frame of reference for Peter’s age, and from the details we have been given, it’s very likely Peter has a summer birthday. Amazing Spider-Man (Vol 1 – 3) will be the main reference for details as the longest running Spider-Man title.

Midtown High is a fictional high school, but it’s definitely located in Forest Hills, Queens, New York. With this in mind, the school calendars for Bayside High and Forest Hills High let school out at the end of June and start back up in September. I will also take this time to explain that it is a fact that Empire State University is based off of New York University. Keeping that in mind, the Spring Semester usually ends in May, graduations in May, and Fall Semester beginning in September. This acted as a guideline for where certain issues took place.

Now, to get us started off, Amazing Spider-Man Vol 3 #1 (published June 2014, and taking place during Late April 2014) establishes that Peter has been Spidey for 13 years. While this fits well with Marvel Time (where every 4 years in the real world equals 1 year in comics, so 13 x 4 = 52. 1952 + 52 + 2014), it causes problems with Spidey’s earlier years because of milestones such as graduations. So, the way we fix it is that we use Marvel Time for the later years the best we can, while also staying true to the fixed points in Spider-Man’s life.

Here we go. – Anthony L.

August 10th, 1985 – Peter Parker is born.

Spring 1992 – 6 year old Peter Parker is left orphaned when the airplane that CIA Agents Richard and Mary Parker are on explodes mid-flight. He will spend the next 9 years being raised by Richard’s brother and sister-in-law, Ben and May Parker.

Mid February 2001 – The Fantastic Four are born. (Fantastic Four #1, November 1961)

Late February 2001 – Ant Man debuts for the first time. (Tales to Astonish #27, January 1962)

Late March 2001 – The Incredible Hulk is born. (Incredible Hulk #1, May 1962)

Mid April 2001 – Jason Macendale Jr. is inducted into the CIA.

Late April 2001 – Dr. Donald Blake becomes Thor for the first time. (Journey Into Mystery #83, August 1962)

Late April 2001 – Mid April 2002 – Year 1 (August 1962 – May 1964) End of Sophomore Year / Most of Junior Year in High School (Amazing Fantasy #15/Amazing Spider-Man #1 – Amazing Spider-Man #12)


– 15 Year Old Peter Parker becomes Spider-Man. (Amazing Fantasy #15, August 1962) (Late April 2001) – First appearance of Peter Parker/Spider_Man, Aunt May, Uncle Ben, Flash Thompson, Liz Allan, Raymond Warren, The Burglar, Crusher Hogan, and Max Shiffman.

– Amazing Spider-Man (Vol 3) 1.1 takes place. (Immediately after Amazing Fantasy #15)

– He meets the Fantastic Four and defeats The Chameleon. (Amazing Spider-Man #1, March 1963) (Early May 2001) First appearance of The Chameleon, J. Jonah Jameson, and John Jameson.

– Amazing Spider-Man (Vol 3) 1.2 takes place. (portions taking place as part of ASM #1)

– Early May 2001 – Tony Stark, weapons manufacturer, is injured and taken hostage in a foreign country. Together with Professor Yinsen, he builds a device to keep shrapnel from penetrating his heart, and a set of armor out of scrap metal. Tony Stark successfully escapes back to America, where he will become the superhero known as Iron Man.

– Defeats The Vulture, and sells pictures to J. Jonah Jameson. Also defeats The Tinkerer. (Amazing Spider-Man #2, May 1963) (Mid May 2001)

– Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 3) 1.3 takes place. (Portions taking place as part of ASM #2)

– Mid-May 2001 – First appearance of Janet van Dyne/The Wasp. (Tales to Astonish #44, June 1963)

– Late May 2001 – Defeats Doc Ock (Amazing Spider-Man #3, July 1963

– Late May 2001 – The Avengers are formed for the first time in Avengers #1 (September 1963)

– Early June 2001 – Defeats Sandman (Amazing Spider-Man #4, September 1963)

– Early June 2001 – The X-Men are formed completely with the addition of Jean Grey. They take on Magneto for the first time. (X-Men #1, September 1963)

– Mid June 2001 – Defeats Dr. Doom (Amazing Spider-Man #5, October 1963) and finishes his Sophomore Year of High School in June 2001.

– Late June 2001 – Defeats The Lizard in Florida. (Amazing Spider-Man #6, November 1963)

End of First Two Months as Spidey.

Junior Year at Midtown High:

– September 2001 – 16 Year Old Peter Parker defeats The Vulture again. (ASM #7, December 1963) (*The Vulture spends months in prison, while AF #15 and ASM #1-6 take place within 60)

– September 11th, 2001 – The Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 2 #36, flashback issue. The events of 9/11 transpire.

– November 2001 – Peter Parker defeats The Living Brain, boxes with Flash. (ASM #8, January 1964) (*Breaks his glasses, which he actually never needed.)

– December 2002 – Defeats Electro (ASM #9, February 1964)

– January 2002 – Defeats The Enforcers (ASM #10, March 1964)

– February 2002 – Invents Spider-Tracers, fights Doctor Octopus ASM #11, April 1964)

– March 2002 – Defeats Doctor Octopus. (ASM #12, May 1964)

Late April 2002 –Mid April 2003 – Year 2 (June 1964 – May 1965)
– End of Junior Year / Most of Senior Year (ASM #13 – 24)

– Late April 2002 – Defeats Mysterio (ASM #13, June 1964) (Fantastic Four also defeat Mole Man sometime in between FF #22 and #31)

– Spider-Man/Human Torch (takes place Late April 2002) (published March 2005) takes place the day after ASM #13.

– May 2002 – First appearance of the Green Goblin (ASM #14, July 1964)

– June 2002 – Kraven the Hunter appears for the first time and The Chameleon joins him. Spider-Man defeats them both and finishes off his Junior Year of High School. (ASM #15, August 1964)

Summer of 2002:

– July 2002 – Peter Parker meets Daredevil the Summer before Senior Year. (ASM #16, September 1964) (Daredevil estimates Peter Parker to be about 17)

– August 10th, 2002 – Peter turns 17.

Senior Year at Midtown High:

– September 2002 – Spider-Man experiences The End of Spider-Man event. (ASM #17-19, October-December 1964)

– November 2002 – Spider-Man beats Scorpion. (ASM #20, January 1965)

– December 2002 – Spider-Man beats The Beetle. (ASM #21, February 1965)

– January 2003 – Spider-Man beats The Masters of Menace. (ASM #22, March 1965)

– February 2003 – Spider-Man beats Green Goblin again. (ASM #23, April 1965)

– March 2003 – Spider-Man beats Mysterio again. (ASM #24, May 1965)

Late April 2003 – Mid-April 2004 – Year 3 (June 1965 – June 1967)
End of Senior Year, High School Graduation, and Beginning of Freshman Year at ESU (ASM #25 – #49)

– Late April 2003 – Spider-Man beats Smythe and the Spider Slayer. Mary Jane makes her first appearance, although her face is obscured. (ASM #25, June 1965)

– May 2003 – Peter Parker beats Crime Master. (ASM #26, July 1965)

– June 2003 – Peter Parker beats the Green Goblin and finishes his Senior Year. (ASM #27, August 1965)

– Late June 2003 – 17 Year Old Peter Parker graduates High School. (Amazing Spider-Man #28, Sept 1965)

– Late June 2003 – Fantastic Four Annual #3 – The Wedding of Reed Richards and Sue Storm. (Sept 1965) First “crossover” event with all Marvel heroes gathered.

Summer 2003:

– July 2003 – ASM #29, Peter defeats The Scorpion again. (ASM #29, October 1965)

– August 10th, 2003 – Peter Parker turns 18.

– August 2003 – ASM #30 (ASM #30, November 1965)

– September 2003 – Amazing Spider-Man #31, Peter enrolls at ESU, begins his Freshman year, meets Gwen Stacy and Harry Osborn for the first time. Also, first appearance of Dr. Miles Warren. (ASM #31, December 1965)

– Amazing Spider-Man #33 takes place. Spider-Man escapes from the rubble, making one of his first triumphs. It showcases that while he isn’t the strongest, or fastest, and smartest superhero, he is definitely a superhero with more willpower than most. (ASM #33)

– Amazing Spider-Man #37 – First appearance of Mendel Stromm/Gaunt.

– Amazing Spider-Man #39-40 takes place, Green Goblin is unveiled as Norman Osborn. (ASM #39-40), John Romita Sr starts drawing ASM.

– Amazing Spider-Man #41 – First appearance of The Rhino.

– Amazing Spider-Man #42 – Mary Jane Watson makes her first full appearance. “Face it tiger, you just hit the jackpot.”

– Amazing Spider-Man #46 – Peter and Harry move into an apartment together. (ASM #46, March 1967) First appearance of Shocker!

Mid-to-Late March 2004

– Amazing Spider-Man #47 – #49 – Spider-Man defeats Kraven again. Peter Parker and Flash Thompson finally bury the hatchet after Peter Parker has been Spider-Man for 3 years. Snow present. (April 1967 – June 1967)

Late April 2004 – Early April 2005 – Year 4 (July 1967 – March 1971) (ASM #50 – #94)

Late April/May 2004

– Amazing Spider-Man #50-#53 – “Spider-Man No More”, Peter temporary gives up being Spider-Man, but returns to defeat the Kingpin for the first time. He finishes his Freshman Year in college. First appearance of Kingpin in #50. (July 1967 – Oct 1967)

Summer 2004 – Amazing Spider-Man #54-58 – Doc Ock causes Peter to because amnesiac for a while, but he eventually regains his memory.

– Early Fall – Amazing Spider-Man #59 (April 1968) – Amazing Spider-Man #61 (June 1968) takes place.

– Late September 2004 – Norman Osborn and Gwen Stacy conceive twins shortly after #61 but before #64. Gwen gives birth in 7 months in Paris.

– Amazing Spider-Man #70, Peter references that he and Gwen are Sophomores in College. (ASM #70, March 1969)

– Amazing Spider-Man #72 takes place, and Flash is on leave from the Army. (ASM #72, May 1969)

– Flash’s going away party for his return back to The Army takes place in Amazing Spider-Man #82. (March 1970) Flash officially leaves in #83. (April 1970)

– Spider-Man/Human Torch #2 takes place sometime around ASM #82.

– December 2004 – Heavy snow in Amazing Spider-Man #84.

– December 2004 – Amazing Spider-Man #88, Miles Warren warns Peter his grades are getting low.

– December 2004 – Amazing Spider-Man #90 takes place, and Captain George Stacy dies. (ASM #90, November 1970)

– December 2004 – Amazing Spider-Man #93 – Gwen Stacy leaves for Europe.

– January 2005 – Amazing Spider-Man #94 – Peter reflects on Gwen leaving for Europe.

– Mid-April 2005 – Jason Macendale Jr. is discharged from the CIA.

Late April 2005 – Mid April 2006 – Year 5 (April 1971 – March 1975) (#95-155)

– Late April 2005 – 4 months past and Gwen Stacy gives birth to twins Gabriel and Sarah Stacy in France at seven months, who were fathered by Norman Osborn, as revealed by the Sins Past storyline.

– May 2005 – Amazing Spider-Man #95 – Spidey goes to visit Gwen in England. (April 1971)

– Amazing Spider-Man #98 takes place, and Spider-Man gets The Green Goblin to regress into Norman Osborn by looking at Harry who had overdosed on drugs. 19 Year Old Peter Parker finishes his second year of college. Gwen returns to New York from England. (ASM #98, July 1971)


– June 2005 – Peter starts part-time at the Daily Bugle. (ASM #99, Aug 1971)

– July 2005 – Six Armed Saga, where Peter’s experimental cure causes him to grow four extra arms. #101 is first appearance of Morbius! Lucky it’s Summer Break! (ASM #100-102, Sep 1971 – Nov 1971)

– August 2005 – Savage Land Saga (ASM #103, Dec 1971, ASM #104 Jan 1972)

– August 10th, 2005 – Peter turns 20 years old.

– Amazing Spider-Man #113 – First appearance of Hammerhead!

– Amazing Spider-Man #121 – 122 – The Night Gwen Stacy Died. (ASM #121-122, June – July 1973)*** – Gwen Stacy is killed, and Norman Osborn impales himself with The Goblin Glider when Peter dodges the sneak attack. He is believed dead.

– Amazing Spider-Man #124 – First appearance of John Jameson as Man-Wolf.

– Amazing Spider-Man #129 – First appearance of Dr. Miles Warren as The Jackal.

– December 2005 – Amazing Spider-Man #130 – Debut of the Spider-Mobile. (ASM #130, March 1974) (Ned Leeds Christmas party) and Amazing Spider-Man #131 – Doc Ock almost marries Aunt May. (ASM #131, April 1974)

– January 2006 – Peter interns at the Baxter Building. He is said to test as well academically as Reed Richards did when he was his age. (Spider-Man/Human Torch #3, May 2005)

– Amazing Spider-Man #134 – First appearance of Tarantula.

– January 2006 – Amazing Spider-Man #136 – Harry takes the mantle of The Green Goblin. Pumpkin bomb trashes Peter and Harry’s apartment. Peter calls himself a Junior in College. (ASM #136, August 1974)

– January 2006 – Amazing Spider-Man #138 – Peter’s landlord tears up his lease, and Peter is forced to move in with Flash Thompson in the suburbs for an issue. (ASM #138, November 1974)

– January 2006 – First appearance of Wolverine in Incredible Hulk #180 – #181 (October – November 1974)

(Amazing Spider-Man #139 – #152 is The First/Original Clone Saga)

– January 2006 – Peter moves into his Chelsea Apartment, his first apartment alone where he will live for about 3 years, moving out shortly before marrying Mary Jane Watson. (Amazing Spider-Man #139, December 1974)

– February 2006 – Amazing Spider-Man #143-144 – Peter Parker requests absences from class. Peter Parker and Mary Jane share their first kiss. (April-May, 1975)

– February 2006 – Storm, Nightcrawler, Colossus, and Thunderbird all make their debut in Giant Size X-Men #1. The four of them are joined by Banshee, Sunfire, and Wolverine to form the next team of X-Men that go to rescue the first class from the island of Krakoa. (GSXM #1, May 1975)

– February 2006 – Amazing Spider-Man #152 – Peter Parker deals with the end of the 1st Clone Saga and defeats The Shocker. (ASM #152, Jan 1976)

– March 2006 – Amazing Spider-Man #153-154 (February, March 1976) – Peter deals with the death of Dr. Bradley Bolton and defeats Sandman.

– Late April 2006 – Amazing Spider-Man #155 (April 1976) – Peter solves a murder mystery.

Late April 2006 – Early 2007 – Year 6 (May 1976 – October 1978)
End of Junior Year of College – Most of Senior Year of College (ASM #156 – 180)

– Late April 2006 – Amazing Spider-Man #156 (May 1976) – Ned Leeds and Betty Brandt’s Wedding Day.

– May 2006 – Amazing Spider-Man #157 – #159 – (Flash is seen going to class.) Spider-Man goes through “The Ghost That Haunted Octopus” Arc. Completes his Junior Year of College.

– August 10th, 2006 – Peter turns 21.

– Amazing Spider-Man #166-167 – Christmas 2006

-Early-to-Mid April – Amazing Spider-Man #176 – #180 – Return of The Green Goblin Arc – Spidey defeats Green Goblin III. (Jan-May 1978)

Late April 2007 – Mid April 2008 – Year 7 (June 1978 – April 1983) (End of Senior Year in College – Most of First Year Grad School) (ASM #181 – ASM #239)

– Late April 2007 – Peter Parker visits Uncle Ben’s grave on the 6th Anniversary of his death and reflects. (Amazing Spider-Man #181, June 1978)

– Early-to-Mid May 2007 – Peter Parker deals with Rocket Racer, Big Wheel, Tinkerer, and Toy. He also proposes to Mary Jane, but is rejected. Debut of Big Wheel. (Amazing Spider-Man #182-184)

– Late May 2007 – 21 Year Old Peter Parker is due to graduate for Spring Graduation, but finds out that he won’t graduate until September 2007 because of a missing phys ed credit. (Amazing Spider-Man #185, October 1978)

– August 10th, 2007 – Peter turns 22.

– Black Cat makes her first appearance. (Amazing Spider-Man #194)

– Fall 2007 – 22 year old Peter Parker is seen back at Empire State University as a first year grad student. (Amazing Spider-Man #195, August 1979)

– Amazing Spider-Man #210 – First appearance of Cassandra Webb, a.k.a. Madame Webb. (November 1980)

– Amazing Spider-Man #212 – First appearance of Hydro Man. (January 1981)

– First appearance of Jason Macendale Jr. as Jack O’Lantern (Machine Man #19, February 1981)

– Amazing Spider-Man #222 – First appearance of Speed Demon. (November 1981)

– Peter Parker loses his Teaching Assistant job at Empire State University, but defeat Mendel Stromm/Gaunt’s “son” Robot Master. (Peter Parker, the Spectacular Spider-Man #68)

– Spider-Man defeats Juggernaut during his rampage in New York. (Amazing Spider-Man #229-230)

– Cloak and Dagger resume their vigilante war on drugs, and Spider-Man tries to fight them to protect Silvermane. (Peter Parker the Spectacular Spider-Man #69)

– Hobgoblin makes his first appearance. (Amazing Spider-Man #238 – #239, March – April 1983)

Late April 2008 – May 2009 – Year 8 (May 1983 – May 1988)
Dropped Out of Grad School after Completing 1st Year (#240-#300)

– Late April 2008 – “Vulture, Wings of Vengeance Arc” – Amazing Spider-Man #240-241. (May – June 1983)

– Mid-to-late May 2008 – 22 Year Old Peter Parker drops out of Grad School at the end of his 1st year in Amazing Spider-Man #243, but not before seeing that he Aced his First Year Final on Dr. Connor’s papers. (ASM #243, August, 1983) (Late May 2008)

June 2008:

– 22 year old Peter Parker partakes in “The Search for the Green Goblin Formula” storyline. (Amazing Spider-Man #244-245, Sep-Oct, 1983)

– Peter meets his biggest fan Timmy Harrison, after reading about him in The Bugle. He reveals his secret identity to him, and as he leaves, the reader realizes that Timmy is dying from leukemia.

– Peter Parker fights in the Secret Wars obtains the symbiote costume. (Secret Wars)

– Peter Parker brings the symbiote costume home when he returns to Earth. (Amazing Spider-Man #252, May 1984)

– Peter Parker tells Aunt May that he quit his studies at ESU. (Amazing Spider-Man, #253, June 1984)

– Spidey
and Black Cat take down the Blob, Aunt May ignores Peter’s calls. (PP,SSM #91, June 1984)

– Spider-Man/Human Torch #4 takes place.

– Mary Jane tells Peter she has known for years that he was Spidey. (ASM 257)

– Amazing Spider-Man #258 is when Peter realizes something is wrong with the black suit and Mr. Fantastic quarantines it. Peter Parker has to temporarily go out as The Amazing Bag Man. The Red and Blues make their return. (Nov. 1984).

– Web of Spider-Man #1 – Peter is able to use church bells to get the symbiote costume off when it returns and tries to take control.

– Amazing Spider-Man #263, Peter wears the non-symbiote Black Suit that Black Cat gives to him for the first time. He will wear the Black Suit and Red and Blues interchangeably (April. 1985)

July 2008:
– Amazing Spider-Man #265 – Peter and Aunt May finally reconcile about Peter’s decision not to go back to school. (June. 1985)

August 10th, 2008 – Peter Parker turns 23.

– Death of Jean DeWolff (PPSSM, #107-#110 October 1985 – January 1986)

– Spider-Man and Black Cat team up against Sabretooth. (Peter Parker, Spectacular Spider-Man #116, July 1986)

– Flash incarcerated and framed as Hobgoblin, and Spidey attempting to prove his innocence. (Amazing Spider-Man #278, July 1986)

– Peter Parker goes to Appalachia on his first assignment for NOW magazine, and ends up fighting Magma. (Web of Spider-Man #16, August 1986)

– Peter Parker defeats Magma in the Appalachia Mountains of Virginia, but escapes leaving the tattered remains of his costume behind. Temproary “final” appearance of the red and blues. (Web of Spider-Man #17, August 1986)

– Peter Parker is missing in the “Where is Spider-Man” storyline. Turns out he was in the Virginia mountains fighting Magma and got buried under rubble before making his way back to New York. (Amazing Spider-Man #279, August 1986, Web of Spider-Man #17-18)

– Peter begins wearing the Black Suit exclusively. First appearance of The Sinister Syndicate, and first appearance of Boomerang in Spider-Man comics. (Amazing Spider-Man #280, September 1986)

– Spider-Man Vs Wolverine #1 – Death of Ned Leeds. Spider-Man accidentally kills a murderer named Charlie when he punches with his full strength in a daze. It is worth noting that in What If… Spider-Man Vs Wolverine (Earth-8351), an alternate reality branches from this issue where Peter Parker learned to take his powers seriously and honed his spider sense to levels where he just “knew things.” This “Assassin Spider-Man” worked with Wolverine and will be making an appearance in Spider-Verse.

– First appearance of Jason Macendale Jr. as Hobgoblin (after abandoning Jack O’ Lantern alias). He will also temporarily become Demogoblin later on. (Amazing Spider-Man #289, June 1987)

– Peter Parker proposes to Mary Jane Watson and she says yes. (Amazing Spider-Man #290, July 1987)

– Mid April 2009 – Peter Parker marries Mary Jane Watson. (Amazing Spider-Man Annual #21, June 1987)

– Kraven’s Last Hunt event happens. Spider-Man and Kraven have their final battle, and Kraven commits suicide. (Web of Spider-Man #31-32; Amazing Spider-Man #293-294; Spectacular Spider-Man #131-132, October, November 1987)

– First appearance of Tombstone. (Web of Spider-Man #36, March 1988)

– Venom’s first full appearance! (Amazing Spider-Man #299, April 1988)

– Spider-Man defeats Venom, goes back to the Red and Blues permanently (The Black Suit will still show up during special occasions.) (Amazing Spider-Man #300, May 1988)

Late April 2009 – Mid April 2010 – Year 9 (June 1988 – May 1994) – Most of 2nd Year of Grad School (#301-389)

– Late April 2009 – Spider-Man is back in the red and blues. Peter Parker gives a guest speech at ESU on ohmic resistance. Beginning of the “Fifth Reich Arc” (Amazing Spider-Man #301-303, June 1988 – August 1988)

– May 2009 – Spider-Man deals with Black Fox. (Amazing Spider-Man #304-305, September 1988 – October 1988)

Summer 2009:

June 2009 – Amazing Spider-Man #306 – Reminded that he hasn’t filed for his assistantship grant, Peter races to ESU (October 1988)

– June 2009 – Amazing Spider-Man -#307 #308 – Peter Parker goes on Webs Tour for his photography book.

– July 2009 – Amazing Spider-Man #309

– August 2009 – Amazing Spider-Man #310 (Dec 1988) – Finishes touring his photo boo “Webs”. Received Research Assistant Grant, $9000/a year. Pete heads to ESU to register for classes, and meets Anne-Marie Baker, his fellow research assistant, and Dr. Evan Swann, the lab head. Picks up two courses.

– Peter turns 24 on August 10th, 2009

– September 2009 – Amazing Spider-Man #311

– October 2009 – Amazing Spider-Man #312

– November 2009 – Amazing Spider-Man #313

– Christmas Eve 2009 – Amazing Spider-Man #314 (April 1989)

– Peter and Mary Jane have finally moved into their new loft in SoHo. (Amazing Spider-Man #326)

– Peter Parker temporarily holds the Captain Universe powers. (Amazing Spider-Man 327-329, December 1989 – Feb 1990)

– The Return of the Sinister Six story arc. (Amazing Spider-Man #334-339, July 1990)

Amazing Spider-Man #350/Amazing Spider-Man Annual #25 (Aug/Sep 1991) – Last appearance of fellow research assistant Anne Marie Baker and second to last appearance of Professor Swann.

– Peter Parker teamup with Green Goblin and the Molten Man against Tombstone. (Web of Spider-Man #66, July 1990)

– Peter Parker confronts Harry Osborn, who decides he wants to do good with the Green Goblin persona. He also reveals that he knows Spider-Man’s identity.

– 24 year old Peter Parker defeats The Vulture at casino owner Raymond Trask’s casino yacht. He then fights off The Sinister Six after their actions lead to the death of Aunt May’s boyfriend Nathan. (Amazing Spider-Man #336-337, August 1990)

– Peter Parker temporarily becomes Spider Hulk. (Web of Spider-Man #70, November 1990)

– Cletus Cassidy makes his first appearance. Cardiac makes his first appearance. Peter is seen attending class. (Amazing Spider-Man #344, February 1991)

– Carnage makes his first appearance. One of Peter’s classmates, Chip, is killed. (ASM #361-363, April-July 1992)

– Spider-Man is able to borrow the Phoenix Force from Rachel Summers, and temporarily becomes Spider-Phoenix. (Spider-Man #25, August 1992)

– Harry Osborn dies after heroically saving Peter, MJ, and Normie from an exploding building. Harry proclaims Peter as his best friend before he dies. (Spectacular Spider-Man #200, May 1993)

– Spidey invents the Spider-Armor Mk 1. (Web of Spider-Man #100, May 1993)

– March 2010? Maximum Carnage – Cletus Cassidy generates a copy of the Carnage symbiote from his blood, and breaks out of Ravencroft Asylum, freeing Shriek in the process. He goes on a killing spree in New York. First appearance of Shriek in Spider-Man Unlimited #1. Amazing Spider-Man #378-380; Spectacular Spider-Man #201-203; Spider-Man #35-37; Spider-Man Unlimited #1-2; Web of Spider-Man #101-103

Late March 2010 – Amazing Spider-Man #383-385 – Prof. Swann noticed Parker having difficulty, and suggested him to go home and consider his priorities, excusing him from class. Last appearance of Professor Swann. (November 1993) The Jury goes after Spider-Man and Venom.

April 2010 – Amazing Spider-Man #386-389 – “Lifetheft/Pursuit” Arc takes place. Dr. Swann puts in a word to Dr. Sanchez to see Peter about her Alzheimer research. (February 1994 – May 1994)

Mid-April 2010 – Peter and Mary Jane’s first wedding anniversary.

Late April 2010 – Mid-April 2011 – Year 10 (June 1994 – June 2003) (End of Second Year of Grad School, Starts Third Year of Grad School in January) (ASM #390 – #494)

– Late April 2010 – 24 year old Peter Parker begins the year with the “Shrieking” storyline. The cover of Part 3 proclaims “Peter Parker No More”. After his battle with Shriek and Carrion, Peter Parker sees that Aunt May has had a stroke. This enrages and saddens him, and he webs himself in a literal cocoon. When he leaves the cocoon to hunt the Ravencroft escapees, he proclaims, “I am anger, I am madness, I am The Spider. And God help you if you get in the way!” Peter Parker wears The Spider persona for some time, as Ben Reilly, the clone Spider-Man makes his first re-appearance since his introduction. (Amazing Spider-Man #390-#393, June 1994 – September 1994)

– Late April 2010/Early May 2010 – Peter and Mary Jane conceive a child.

– Peter finishes his second year of Grad School.

– July 2010 – Ben Reilly appearing at an ill Aunt May’s bedside. (Spectacular Spider-Man #216, Sept 1994)

– July 2010 – The Beginning of the Second Clone Saga! Ben Reilly mentions he’s been on the road for almost five years. Ben Reilly and Peter Parker defeat The Traveler (Web of Spider-Man #117, ASM #394, Spider-Man #51, Spectacular Spider-Man #217, all October 1994)

– July 2010 – Amazing Spider-Man #397/Spectacular Spider-Man #220 (Jan 1995) – “Web of Death” Arc takes place, Mary Jane announces her pregnancy.

– Peter Parker (and Ben Reilly) turn 25 on August 10th, 2010.

– Ben Reilly becomes the Scarlet Spider. (Web of Spider-Man #118, Nov 1994)

– First appearance of Kaine. (Web of Spider-Man #119, Dec 1994)

– Aunt May told Peter that she knew he was Spider-Man, before dying from her illness. (Amazing Spider-Man #400, April 1995) During “The Final Chapter”, Norman Osborn would reveal that this was an actress infused with Aunt May’s DNA.

– Spider-Man 2099 meets Spider-Man for the first time. (Spider-Man 2099 Meets Spider-Man #1, November 1995)

– Ben Reilly takes over as Spider-Man temporarily. (Sensational Spider-Man #0, Jan 1996)

– The Carnage symbiote merges with Ben Reilly. (Amazing Spider-Man #410, April 1996)

– Onslaught Arc (August-October, 1996)

– Halloween 2010: Ben Reilly is killed by The Green Goblin’s Glider, saving Peter. Peter Parker returns as Spider-Man and defeats Norman. Ben Reilly was revealed as the clone and Peter as the original. Mary Jane gives birth to a premature baby, who is immediately kidnapped. (Spider-Man #75, Dec 1996)

– Christmas Eve 2010 – Amazing Spider-Man #420 (February 1997)

Spring Semester 2011 – Peter’s 3rd (Incomplete) Year In Grad School (5th Grad School Semester)

January 2011:

Amazing Spider-Man #421 – Peter and Mary Jane goes back to Empire State University, Peter starts working with Paul Stacy (Gwen’s cousin) and Professor Mark Howard. (March 1997)

– Identity Crisis: Spider-Man adopts four new identities. Takes place in Amazing Spider-Man #434-435; Spectacular Spider-Man #257-258; Sensational Spider-Man #27-28; Spider-Man #91-92.

Spider-Man #92 – Paul Stacy rejects Peter’s work for being too sloppy. Prof. Howard was asked by Norman Osborn to take Peter Parker under his wing and see to it that he lived up to his potential. Professor Mark Howard’s last appearance. (June 1998)

– Spidey has a showdown with Black Tarantula. The 3rd Rose is revealed to be Jacob Conover. (Amazing Spider-Man #436, July 1998)

– 25 year old Spidey teams up with Synch from Generation X to take down Plantman. Spidey is turned into Man-Spider by Plantman’s spores, but is returned to normal by the issue’s end. (Amazing Spider-Man #437, August 1998)

– “The Gathering of Five” (SeSSM #32, ASM #440, PP:SS #96, SSM #262, SeSSM #33) and “The Final Chapter” (ASM #441, PP:SS #97, SSM #263, PP:SS #98) take place. (November 1999)

Mid-February 2011 – Valentine’s Day – ASM Vol. 2 #4/445

– Peter Parker, Spider-Man Vol 2 #9 – Last appearance of Paul Stacy. (September 1999)

– Peter Parker, Spider-Man Vol 2 #18 (June 2000) – Peter gets himself cleaned up at ESU

– Norman Osborn tortures Peter Parker and doses him with drugs in an attempt to make him his heir to The Goblin Legacy. (Peter Parker, Spider-Man #25, Jan 2001)

– Morlun makes his first appearance. Ezekiel Sims makes his first appearance. (ASM Vol. 2 #30, June 2001)

– Peter Parker starts teaching Science at Midtown High School. (ASM Vol 2. 31, July 2001)

Mid-March 2011:
– Peter Parker fights The Vulture in a snowy setting. (ASM Vol 2. 32, January 2002)

– “I know your secret. I know you’re Spider-Man.” – Aunt May (ASM Vol 2 38/#479, February 2002) Aunt May walks in on Peter bruised and bloodied, sleeping next to a turn Spidey suit.

– Nuff Said Silent Issue. Mary Jane misses Peter, Peter misses Mary Jane, Aunt May is figuring out how to improve the public’s opinion of Spidey, and Spidey is saving lives. (Amazing Spider-Man Vol 2, #39/#480, May 2002)

(Amazing Spider-Man #53/#494, July 2003) takes place. Peter and Mary Jane are comfortable with being intimate again.

– Mid-April 2011 – “Past” portions of Secret War takes place, Peter Parker and Mary Jane’s Second Wedding Anniversary. (Daisy Johnson’s cover is a High School Spring Break student.)

Late April 2011 – Mid April 2012 – Year 11 (August 2003 – 2006) (Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 2 #54/#495 – #528) – “New Avenger”

– Late April 2011 – Peter Parker donates the money from mob boss Forelli so that the Gwen Stacy Library can be opened. (Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 2 #54/495, August 2003)

August 10th, 2011 – Peter Parker’s 26th Birthday is celebrated in Amazing Spider-Man #498 – #500 (Oct-Dec, 2003)

– August 2011 – Sins Past storyline – Peter Parker finds out that Norman fathered Gwen’s twins who she gave birth to while she was in Europe. She was only pregnant for 7 months. (ASM #509-514, August 2004-January 2005)

– August 2011 – Toxin is “born” (Venom Vs Carnage, Sep. 2004)

– August 2011 – Avengers Disassembled Marvel Event (Spectacular Spider-Man Vol 2, #17-#20, Sep 2004 – Dec 2004) (Avengers #500 – #503, Oct-Dec 2004) – Spider-Man undergoes a transformation from the Spider Queen but comes out with organic webbing and limited communication with spiders. He modifies his web shooters so that Mary Jane Watson can use them if she ever has to. She is seen doing so two years later in the “Goblin Nation” storyline of Superior Spider-Man.

– Meanwhile, Scarlett Witch’s reality warping powers cause numerous problems for The Avengers, including the deaths of Scott Lang and Clint Barton. It ultimately leads to the Avengers being disbanded, the formation of The New Avengers, and into the House of M story arc later.

– “Breakout!” – Spidey becomes a member of the New Avengers. (New Avengers #1-6, January-June 2005)

– Spider-Man/Human Torch #5 – Johnny FINALLY figures out Peter and Spidey are one in the same. (July 2005)

– “New Avengers” Story Arc (Amazing Spider-Man #519-#524, June 2005 – November 2005)

– New Avengers/Transformers #1-#4?

– “The Sentry (New Avengers #7-#10, July-October, 2005)

– Late January 2012 – House of M Event takes place. (Sentry is part of the team, but Ronin is absent.) (August 2005 – November 2005)

– Late January 2012 – Ronin (New Avengers #11-#13, Nov 2005 – Jan 2006) takes place.

– Late January/Early February 2012 – Spidey goes through a transformation with new abilities in The Other. (Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #1-4; Marvel Knights Spider-Man #19-22; Amazing Spider-Man #525-528)

– February 5th, 2012 – Spidey makes a comment about the Super Bowl being on. (Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #4, (released March, 2006) The next few issues show a Winter setting. (most prominently in Marvel Knights: Spider-Man #22, which is also the issue where Peter wears a NY Giants jacket (who played in Super Bowl XLVI and beat the Patriots)

– (Tracer’s technology estimates Aunt May to be 73 years old at this point.)

– Early February, 2012 – Spider-Man, at the end of The Other story arc, vowels to take a new lease on life.

– Secrets & Lies Story Arc (New Avengers #14-#15, February – March 2006) takes place. New Avengers go public with their questionable roster.

– Mid-April 2012 – Present events of “Secret War” takes place. Peter Parker and Mary Jane’s 3rd Wedding Anniversary also takes place.

Late April 2012 – Mid April 2013 – Year 12 (April 2006 – May 2010) (Amazing Spider-Man #529 – #629) – Civil War/Brand New Day/Secret Invasion/Dark Reign

– Spider-Man begins the year with the “Mr. Parker Goes To Washington” storyline where he goes with Iron Man to Washington to discuss the Superhuman Registration Act. He is gifted with the Iron Spider costume as he takes on the role of Iron Man’s protégé. (ASM #529-#531, April-June, 2006)*

– “The Collective” story arc of New Avengers #16 – #20 takes place. Peter is wearing the Iron Spider costume and the Civil War has not started. (April 2006 – August 2006)

– New Avengers Annual #1 – Marriage of Luke Cage and Jessica Jones, who is shown to have given birth to her daughter, Danielle Cage. (June 2006)

– Spider-Man takes Iron Man’s side during The Civil War. He goes to Washington D.C. (Amazing Spider-Man #532)

(Peter says Tony has been like a father to him indicating at least a 15-20 year difference in age. Amazing Spider-Man #532, July 2006)

– 26 year old Spidey unmasks himself as Peter Parker after over a decade of keeping his secret. “My name is Peter Parker, and I’ve been Spider-Man since I was 15 years old.” (Civil War #2, Amazing Spider-Man #533)*

– 30 million people went online and did simultaneous Google searches on Peter Parker, and crashed the entire Internet. Including the porn sites. (Amazing Spider-Man #533)
– “Every day of my life since I was 15 years old, I’ve lived in absolute terror of just this moment.” (ASM #533)

– Back in Black storyline happens when Kingpin sends a sniper who shoots May leaving her in a critical state. Peter then dons the black costume to take revenge. (ASM #539-543)

– “The Revolution” New Avengers story arc takes place. Spidey is wearing the black suit. (New Avengers #27-31) This is followed immediately “The Trust” New Avengers story arc, Spidey still in black suit. (New Avengers #32-37, Annual #2)

– Spider-Man helps the heroes of New York to fight off The Hulk in World War Hulk. (wearing Black Costume from Back in Black storyline.)

– August 10th, , 2012 – Peter Parker turns 27.

– Amazing Spider-Man #545, One More Day – History is altered after Peter and Mary Jane agree to allow Mephisto to save May’s life in exchange for their wedding, however under a few conditions: First that history is altered so that Peter never revealed his identity during the Civil War, in order to prevent May from becoming a target of Spider-Man’s enemies once again, and another condition which Mary Jane offers to Mephisto in secret. Spidey loses his powers gained during the “Changes” (Spectacular Spider-Man Vol. 2 #17- #20) and “The Other” story arc.” (Amazing Spider-Man #544-545; Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #24; Sensational Spider-Man vol. 2, #41) Lily Hollister’s first appearance.

– Spider-Man goes missing for 2 months after (except for one brief sighting). Peter has been keeping a low profile and living at Aunt May’s.

– October 12th , 2012, 7:00 am – Brand New Day Arc begins. (#546-564) – Menace’s first appearance in #549.

– Kraven’s First Hunt Arc (#565 – #567) – Anastasia Kravinoff (daughter Kraven the Hunter)’s first appearance.

– New Ways To Die. (#568-573) – The Thunderbolts led by Norman Osborn/Green Goblin come to New York City to hunt down the fugitive Spider-Man, who has been framed for a series of murders.

– Secret Invasion takes place. (Secret Invasion Amazing Spider-Man #1-3, New Avengers #40-#47, Secret Invasion #1-8)

– New Avengers #48 – #54 (Dark Reign) – takes place.

– Amazing Spider-Man 595 – 599 – American Son Arc takes place (July – Sept, 2009).

– New Avengers #55 – 60 (Power Loss) takes place.

– The Gauntlet begins as each of Spider-Man’s classic villains come back more powerful before. We start with Electro. (Amazing Spider-Man #612, January 2010)

– New Avengers Annual Vol 1 #3 – The New Avengers save Clint Barton from The Dark Avengers.

-27 year old Peter ends the year with the “Something Can Stop The Juggernaut” 3-part storyline. (Amazing Spider-Man #627-629 April – June 2010)

– Late April 2013 – Siege of Asgard Marvel Event takes place. (Siege #1-4, New Avengers #61-#64) – Norman Osborn is finally taken down paving way for a new age.

Late-April 2013 – Mid-April 2014 Year 13 (July 2010 – May 2014) – “The Age of Heroes/The Heroic Age” (Amazing Spider-Man #630 – Superior Spider-Man #26)

May 2013 – Astonishing Spider-Man/Wolverine #1-6 (July 2010 – July 2011)

May 2013 – 27 year old Peter begins the year with the Shed storyline, fighting The Lizard who has eaten Billy Connors and completely overtaken Curt Connors. He continues surviving his ordeal against The Lizard who was adding New Yorkers to his thrall. The Lizard begins to feel remorse over eating Billy even though he has completely overtaken Curt Connors. (Amazing Spider-Man #630-633, July-Aug, 2010)

– June 2013 The Grim Hunt Arc begins. (Amazing Spider-Man #634 – #637, Aug-Sep 2010)

– June 2013 – One Moment in Time where Peter Parker and Mary Jane, post-Brand New Day, recap the retcons that took place when Mephisto erased their marriage. (#638-641)

– Origin of the Species (#642-#647) takes place. Norman Osborn’s baby is born… every villain on the planet wants the first ever strain of pure Goblin blood, leaving Spider-Man’s friends and family exposed to a Sinister plan that threatens to bring down every strand or Peter’s life that’s been stitched together carefully over the past few years.

– New Avengers Vol 2 #1-#6 is the Possession Arc where The New Avengers move to The Avengers Mansion led by Luke Cage.

– Shadowland Marvel Event takes place.

– “Big Time” Story Arc. (#648-656)
– Starts his newest job at Horizon Labs.
– Stealth Suit makes it’s debut in #650

– Amazing Spider-Man #654 – Flash Thompson becomes Venom!

– “No One Dies.” – Spidey’s vowel that no one dies on his watch. (ASM #655-656)

– Spider-Armor MK II maks it’s debut in #656.

– Spider-Man joins the Future Foundation. (ASM #657-#660)

– “Date Night” New Avengers Vol 2 story arc #7-#13.

– Fear Itself Event takes place. (Fear Itself #1 – #7, New Avengers #14-#16)

– The Return of Anti-Venom. (#663-664)

– Spider-Island Event takes place. (#666-673)

– Peter forms the Way of the Spider fighting style under Shang Chi’s guidance.

– “Great Heights” Story Arc (#674-675)

– New Avengers Vol. 2, “New Dark Avengers” Story Arc takes place. (#17-23) Meanwhile, in Avengers Vol. 4 #23, Norman Osborn gains the power of the Super-Adaptoid, but is still defeated by The Avengers and The New Avengers. He was overloaded with all the powers in the vicinity, and went into a coma.

– Summer 2013 – (“Last Summer when Doctor Octopus tried to blackmail the world” Superior Spider-Man #8) – Ends of the Earth Event takes place. (#682-685, Ends of the Earth Special, #686-687, Avenging Spider-Man #8, August 2012)

– Spider Armor MK III makes it’s debut in 682.

– No Turning Back Story Arc takes place. (#688 – 691)

– August 10th, 2013 – Peter Parker’s Birthday.

– Late August 2013 – Spider-Men event takes place. (Spider-Men #1-5)

– Early September, 2013 – 50th Anniversary “Alpha” Story Arc takes place. (#692 – # 694) (Has to take place during the school year.)

– Early September – Avengers Vs. X-Men takes place. (Avengers Vs. X-Men #1-#12, New Avengers #24-30)

– Early September – “End Times” New Avengers Vol. 2 Finale Story Arc. (New Avengers #31-34)

– Mid-September “Danger Zone” (#695 – 697) takes place. At the end of #697, Norman Osborn is revealed to have disappeared from his room in the coma ward where he was placed months before.

– Mid-September 2013 – Peter Parker “dies” in the Dying Wish storyline while Otto Octavius takes over his body. (ASM #698 – Amazing Spider-Man #700)

– Mid-September 2013 – Avenging Spider-Man 15.1

– Mid-September 2013 – (Within 2 days of ASM #700) Doc Ock takes over as The Superior Spider-Man and debuts a new Superior Suit. (Superior Spider-Man #1-2, My Own Worst Enemy)

– Mid-October 2013 – Doc Ock has spent a month inside Peter Parker’s body. (Superior Spider-Man #4) Doc Ock finds out Peter was a credit and a thesis short from graduating grad school. Peter Parker enrolls into Advanced Physics part way through the semester by executing certain briberies. He executes Massacre in Superior Spider-Man #5.

– Late-October 2013 – Avenging Spider-Man #18 takes place (May 2013). Superior Spider-Man #6 (May 2013) takes place a few days to a week after Superior Spider-Man #5.

– Late October 2013 – Substantial period of not talking to Mary Jane Watson. Midterms for ESU Fall Physics Grad students. (Superior Spider-Man #10, July 2013) Followed by Avenging Spider-Man #19-22 (June 2013 – August 2013)

– November 2013 – (Superior Spider-Man #11-#13) Spidey fights and slays the Alistair Smythe as the Spider-Slayer. Spidey also takes over The Raft as Spider Island II.

– November 2013– SpOck debuts a new costume and his Spiderlings to reclaim Shadowland. (Superior Spider-Man #14-16) (Aunt May hasn’t talked to SpOck in weeks)

– November 2013 – The Kingpin flees New York after the Superior Spider-Man reclaims Shadowland. He fakes losing his mind to a berserker rage and ends up in a mental ward in Tunisia (located in North Africa). He discovers that the chief surgeon there had an affinity for prescription narcotics. He kills the chief surgeon’s supplier. The chief surgeon eventually releases The Kingpin from the mental ward for access to the narcotics and also grants The Kingpin a power-nullifying environment for Mentallo until The Kingpin could use him. (Amazing Spider-Man: Family Business)

– November 2013 – Superior Spider-Man Team Up #1-4 takes place. “Infinity” Event takes place.

– November 9th, 2013 – “Necessary Evil” (SSM #17-19) story arc takes place; Parker signs the paperwork for Parker Industries.

– November 9th, 2013 – Superior Spider-Man #32 takes place during #19, when the explosion inside Horizon Labs takes SpOck to 2099. He is able to build a time machine that instead takes him to parallel worlds. He sees that the Fantastic Five Spider-Man, House of M Spider-Man, Iron Spider-Man, and Armor Spider-Man have been killed by Morlun. He recruits Spider-Man India, Six-Armed Spider-Man, Spider-Bitch, Spider-Man Noir, Spider-Monkey, and Assassin Spider-Man.

– Late December 2013 – #20-#21 “Return of Stunner” Arc takes place. Peter Parker presents his thesis, is accused of plagiarizing Doctor Octopus, but ultimately prevails.

– January 2014 – Superior Spider-Man Annual #1

– February 2014 – Superior Spider-Man Team Up #5 – #8

– February 2014 – The Kingpin, once again in Tunisia, recruits Mentallo in a scheme to restore his fortune.

– Late March 2014 – Darkest Hours – SpOck graduated with a PhD in Nuclear Physics (again). Opens Parker Industries. Temporarily bonds with the Venom Symbiote. Superior Spider-Man #22 – Superior Spider-Man #26.

– April 2014 – Superior Spider-Man Team Up #9 – #11

Late April 2014 – 2015 – Year 14 (June 2014 – Now) (Superior Spider-Man #27 – Amazing Spider-Man Vol 3)

– Late April 2014 – 31 Days Pass after Superior Spider-Man #26. Peter Parker ends the year by returning to the world of the living, taking back his body and defeating The Green Goblin. (Superior Spider-Man #27-31)

– Late April 2014 – Electro blows up the new prison holding supervillains the same night Green Goblin blows up Spider-Island II.

– Late April 2014 – 28 year old Dr. Peter Parker is adjusting back to his life as Spidey. It has been 13 years since he’s became Spider-Man. Black Cat seeks revenge on him. He also discovers there is another person that was bitten by the same radioactive spider that gave him his powers 13 years ago. Takes place the day after Superior Spider-Man #31. (Amazing Spider-Man Vol 3, #1-2)

– May 2014 – Amazing Spider-Man: Family Business Original Graphic Novel takes place. The Kingpin uses Mentallo’s perception altering abilities to make it seem as if Peter Parker really has a younger sister in CIA Agent Teresa Parker. In the end, it is revealed the Mentallo’s powers were altering both Peter and Teresa’s perceptions, and Teresa was really just CIA Agent Teresa Durand. A DNA sample of Teresa’s saliva taken earlier in the story by Emile Chigaru (the mission controller for The Parkers) make it seem plausible that Teresa might actually be related to Peter in some way. It is of note that in the end flashback of the story, Mary Parker does reveal to Richard Parker that she is pregnant, but the gender, identity, and fate of the baby is unknown. (Amazing Spider-Man: Family Business)

– May 2014 – Peter flies out to Houston, TX to try to make things right with Kaine.

– May 2014 – Amazing Spider-Man Vol 3, #3

– May 2014 – Amazing Spider-Man Vol 3, #4/Original Sin #2 take place.

– August 10th, 2014 – Peter Parker turns 29.

– He is also about to deal the Spider-Verse event.

Bonus: In the Amazing Spider-Man 2 film, Max Dillon yells out in his imagined scenario to Alistair Smythe that Spider-Man is a Leo. The possibility remains this is a reference to his first comic appearance (Amazing Fantasy #15, August 10th, 1962) or Andrew Garfield’s Birthday. (August 20th, 1983)

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