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  1. Just want to thank you for this wonderful site. I was an avid X fan from late 80’s to mid/late 90’s. I was out of comics from late 90’s to mid 00’s, and took some baby steps back in with Vertigo titles and Morrison’s X-Men run. Since the advent of Marvel Unlimited, I have been back in full force–catching up on almost everything marvel from 2000 to present (which is 6 months ago in MU land). This site has been a great help for major storylines and it continues to inspire for all of those old Claremont stories from late 70’s/80’s that I want to catch up on. Continue the great work!

  2. Hey. Not sure if this site is still active, but I came across it while looking for a “Marvel Comics Ultimate” reading order and am now “test driving” your recommended reading order while reading through the “Ultimate” line online.

    While I think the site is fantastic and sincerely think you folks deserve mega Kudos for your efforts, thought I would pitch in with some initial thoughts regarding the earliest “Ultimate Marvel” entries..,

    1) You’ve got “Ultimate Marvel Team Up” #1 after “Ultimate Spider-Man” #7 (which is perfect) but before “Ultimate X-Men” #1. While I can just about accept Spider-Man running into Wolverine before Logan joined up with the X-Men, there are a couple of references to “mutant hysteria” and even “giant robots” that make me wonder if perhaps Team-Up #1 might not be better placed AFTER the entire “Tomorrow People” storyline. Thoughts…?

    2) Then, you’ve got “Team-Up” #2-3 before “Spider-Man” #8. This one, I’m just going to completely disagree with, because the opening scene in “Team-Up” has Peter eating lunch with Ben Urich, but Peter has not yet started his internship at the Bugle and hasn’t even met Urich yet. Probably worth revisiting the placement of these issues of “Team-Up”.

    Thanks again for the helpful site… I plan to continue to leverage it as I read through the Ultimates line and will, if you guys are still active, add more comments and feedback as I go. 🙂

  3. Going through the Spider-Man Reading Order. I had a problem with another site, where it wasn’t complete. This blog has every major Spider-man appearance and I’m grateful for it. However during my read of Web of Spiderman #23, WOS #24, The Bugle Newspaper called out with an ad from Silver Sable, where Spider-man answers it in Amazing #280. So WOS #23 and #24 should be before that issue not after it as it currently is in the reading order (it’s included in the 283 story arc).

  4. I love your Spider-Man Essential reading orders!!! I have been following through them for the last 7 months and I don’t know what I would have done without them! I am almost done with part 9 now, and I was just curious if you were planning on doing any more of them?

    Thank you again!!

  5. Hi, is there anyway to combine any of these orders? i.e. the superman and batman post-crisis reading orders in order to read both characters concurrently
    ? so that when it comes to superman/batman I’ll have read everything on both?

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