Avengers Reading Order Now Added

It’s here, Marvelites! The complete 616 Avengers reading order!

Well, it might not be complete yet, but we’re getting started at least. It contains stories from since it’s launch in 1960’s all the up to End Times, before the Marvel NOW! relaunch.

In addition to keeping the X-Men and Spider-Man lists up to date, we’ll be putting in a lot of time to fill out the lists for creators, Avengers roster and other important notes. We’ll also start to gradually incorporate reading orders for Captain America, Thor and Iron Man, with the list being filterable so you’ll be able to limit the list to Avengers appearances only or character only reading orders.

We’ll be focusing on our efforts on Iron Man first, in hopes of getting a complete Iron Man reading order incorporated into the list before the release of Iron Man 3 in theatres. We’ll then be going by order of upcoming movies, i.e. Thor, Captain America (Hey, we might even do a Cosmic Reading Order in time for Guardians of Galaxy!).

Follow the link below to check out this reading order.

The Avengers Reading Order

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