Batman Read Order : From Batman Year One to Flashpoint

Now that the post-crisis Batman stories have come to a close with the arrival of the New 52 universe, there is no better time to put together a complete Batman read order.

Unlike previous read orders, this is the first in which we don’t have in depth knowledge of the order.  Instead, it is a compilation that came about after merging many lists found online, along with a few of our own attempts to fill in some gaps, in anticipation to reading this monumental story.  As we read, many changes will come.

Batman Read Order details

batman read order
Like our previous read orders, our Batman read order contains story details, such as event names, creators and even featured characters, to allow you to filter the list for quick reference, or to create your own, personal Batman reading order.  For example, your can search for Grant Morrison, Joker, Hush or Detective Comics, or even a combination of any of the factors.  Please leave your request for additional characters to include in the comments section.  We are constantly adding more, but we would be thrilled to get to our readers’ priorities first.

The order is set to best experience the Batman story.  Stories that are meant to read first appear in that order, while flashback issues tend to stay in the present day order, as that flashback is meant to be seen in that order.  As we said before, corrections will definitely come.  For example, Batman Year One is one of the first stories found on the lists, despite being published later than many other issues considered canon.

Batman Read Order

Our Batman read order can be access here.  Looking to get a quick start on reading Batman from the beginning? Get started on the Batman Read order with Batman: Year One

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