Chronological Spider-Man now contains Untold Tales & Spider-Island

Chronological Spider-Man Reading Order Update

A major update to the chronological Spider-Man reading order was posted today! It now contains Untold Tales of Spider-Man, in which the issues are weaved into the reading order of the original Stan Lee and Steve Ditko issues. This was a much requested feature, and coincides with the recent release of the Untold Tales of Spider-Man omnibus (BUY), which makes a great pairing with always essential Amazing Spider-Man Omnibus volume 1 (BUY) and the recently announced Amazing Spider-Man Omnibus Volume 2.

Chronological Spider-Man Reading Order Up to Spider-Island

Also added were all issues going up to the Spider-Island event, which previously end at the “Final Chapter” storyline, and adds over a decade of comic books.

The chronological Spider-Man reading is now complete, and I will be updating possibly every 6 months to a year to include new issues. There will also definitely be more updates regarding issue details, containing more character appearances and tags, such as “Best!”, as well as a condensed reading order guide, which tags issues that are essential reads to in order to get the whole story without reading everything.

If you, the reader, have any ideas, contributions, corrections or comments, do not hesitate to post a comment!

Check out the chronological Spider-Man reading order.

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