Chronological Superman Reading Order Added

The Chronological Superman Reading Order

Our ever-popular reading orders have added another member to the list this week: The Post-Crisis Chronological Superman Reading Order.

Like all of our reading orders, this chronological Superman reading order has been heavily researched, incorporating the many available lists out there, concentrating on individual issues and is filterable by the many details included such as creator, title, character, event and more.

More details are to come for each issue. Drop us a comment to let us know which character or other details we should focus on next.

Chronological Superman Reading Order Quick Start

Looking for a quick start to reading the Post-Crisis chronological Superman? Start with the Man of Steel miniseries. Not only was it designed to quickly rework Superman origins into modern times, but it is penned by John Byrne, who also pencilled the series. As an added plus, many of these issues can be found in the dollar bin at your local comic store, as well as many of the first issues of Superman and Action Comics also penned by Byrne.

Click Here For The Chronological Superman Reading Order

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