Green Lantern Reading Order Online

It wasn’t in our plans to release a Green Lantern reading order just yet, but it has been requested a few times. At first, we believed that this franchise was already well-served in terms of reading orders. However, it seems most reading orders only focus on Geoff John’s run (though that is a great place to start if you want to catch up).

That is why today we are releasing our complete Post-Crisis Green Lantern reading order. Like each of our reading orders, it is unique in its presentation; this reading order takes into account the various active Green Lanterns, allowing you to filter the reading order for a single character. This gives you the possibility to create a Hal Jordan Green Lantern reading order, a John Stewart Green Lantern Reading order, etc. This is the only reading order we’ve seen that merges all of these characters reading orders into one main list, giving you a great resource to order your Green Lantern collection.

While it focuses on the Post-Crisis Green Lantern era, you still can use it for your New 52 reading order, as much of the Green Lantern continuity remains intact, and therefore these issues are still somewhat canon.

View our Green Lantern Reading Order

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