History of Comics

A Look At the History of Comics

History of Comics
Amazing Spider-Man #121 is an important piece of the history of comics, known to have ushered in the Bronze Age of Comics.

Here at Comics: Back Issues, we take a look a back at some notable, sometimes overlooked back issues. Still, we can’t talk about back issues without delving into the most important back issues out there, the ones that define the different eras within the history of comics.

The History of Comics by Era

The history of comics is defined by its eras, starting from the Golden Age onto the Modern Age, with Silver, Bronze and occasionally Copper ages in between. Each have specific issues that define each era, some of which are considered a launching point, some of which perfectly represent the tone set during each era. Other defining characteristics can be formats, active publishers as well as popularity of the medium.

Visit the sections below that detail the elements and issues for each era of the history of comics.

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