Marvel Reading Order Updates : Summer 2014

We’ve been quietly updating our reading orders over the past few months. We’ve received some great contributions and the reading orders are getting better.

We’re also looking into various database imports that would help to quickly add characters and creators to our lists to make the filtering functionality more complete. In particular, I’m waiting on this to be able to update the Avengers, Captain America, Iron Man and Thor reading order (which will see some important changes, as I have just reviewed the first phase of the “Bendis Era” of these titles, including solo titles of that era including Ellis and Fraction’s Iron Man, Amazing Spider-Man and Brubaker’s Captain America).

We’re also busy with other non-comic related stuff, which slowed down our article publications and Facebook activity. This should return in September/October.

Marvel Reading Order Updates

We’ve also added an archive of old list, if you want to keep using a previous list. From now on, all major updates will see the older list added to the archive. A change list was just not in the cards with the methods used to produce these lists, so the next best thing was to keep the old ones around for comparison.

What We Are Working On Now

  • A beginner’s guide to comics
  • Superman New 52 reading order update
  • Avengers and solo avengers reading order updates
  • Fantastic Four Reading Order

Among some other ideas, we like to hear what you have to say about:

  • A Hellboy reading order
  • New 52 Batman reading order
  • Daredevil reading order
  • Cosmic Marvel reading order

6 thoughts on “Marvel Reading Order Updates : Summer 2014

  1. Thanks to your awesome work you gave me the opportunity to perfectly enter the world of Marvel comics, and I would love a Daredevil reading order. A Cosmic Marvel Reading Order would be great too !
    Keep up the good work !

    1. There’s a great modern cosmic marvel reading order floating around that I can’t really add much to. Now, a complete Cosmic reading order would be cool (but WAY out of my league).

        1. Daredevil is another one I’m considering soon. Though I do get a LOT of requests, Daredevil, Cosmic Marvel and FF seem to be my big “blind spots” that I really need to fill in.

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