McFarlane Spider-Man Cover Art: Amazing Spider-Man #308

Hello, and thanks for joining me on my comics back issue reading adventure. I am currently going through my old comic book collection, reading them in chronological order. I’ll be posting about my favorite issues, panels, covers as well a reviewing certain issues, and just generally pulling out anything of interest.

McFarlane Spider-Man Cover Art Spotlight

As of now, I’m going through my Spider-Man collection, and I’m currently at the Todd McFarlane Amazing Spider-Man run.

Three things of note stick out once you get to this run:

McFarlane Spider-Man Cover
Amazing Spider-Man 308

  1. McFarlane really did revolutionize how to draw Spider-Man, adding a now signature look to his webs, as well as much more acrobatic posture
  2. The pacing of the comic is much better as we enter a particular period of the Copper Age of comics, just before the 90’s, where the amount of text was just limited enough (especially text boxes), and the story was told much more through the art.
  3. Todd McFarlane Spider-Man cover art was incredible, benefiting from increased attention to coloring on the covers, in addition to McFarlane’s attention to detail, really made these McFarlane Spider-Man cover arts pop.

My Favorite McFarlane Spider-Man Cover art

While Amazing Spider-Man #300 and Spider-Man #1 are always the most iconic of McFarlane Spider-Man cover art, my absolute favorite is Amazing Spider-Man #308. The colors are perfect, and you can just about feel Spider-Man’s rage, amplified by the creepiness of the Taskmaster’s face, which comes to “life” through Todd McFarlane’s detailing.

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What’s your favorite McFarlane Spider-Man Cover art?

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