Read Order for Spider-Man Now Searchable

Today’s update on the read order for Spider-Man core titles contained some major goodies! it contains much more information, such as featured characters, year of publication, comic book age (bronze, modern, etc.) and major creative teams.

Read Order for Spider-Man Updated

Searchable Read Order for Spider-Man

Furthermore, the table is now searchable, allowing your to make your own custom read order for Spider-Man. you can search by character (Doctor Octopus, Black Cat), creative team (Such as McFarlane, or my personal favorite, DeMatteis), by event (Clone Saga, 1st – for first appearances). Also, you can sort the columns, so you can order the data by title instead of read order, or any other way you want.

Read Order for Spider-Man
Read order for Spider-Man now filterable, so you can view a custom list, such as only McFarlane issues, which includes the popular Amazing Spider-Man #300

Here are some of my favorite search filters for my own custom read order for Spider-Man:

  • DeMatteis
  • Green Goblin (Green Goblin II for just Harry Osborn)
  • Doctor Octopus
  • Black Cat
  • Bronze (for Bronze Age)
  • 1st (for first appearances)
  • Bagley
  • McFarlane
  • Stan Lee
  • Sal Buscema
  • Romita (includes both Sr and Jr)
  • Amazing (for just Amazing Spider-Man and its Annuals, as well as Amazing Scarlet Spider)
  • Hobgoblin

Create your own read order for Spider-Man

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