Spider-Man and X-Men May 2013 Reading Order Updates

The Spider-Man and X-Men reading orders have both been recently update.  Here are a few changes.

First, for Spider-Man

  • Spider-Man & The Human Torch mini-series by Dan Slott has been moved.  Original, they were spread out throughout the years, but are now placed near the time of publishing, as we became aware the stories were “Flashbacks”, clearly marked taking place in the past.
  • The introduction portion was update to became a more leaner, meaner reference page.
  • Details were included and revised up to and including Straczynski’s Amazing Spider-Man run up to the last Ezekiel Story.

For X-Men

  • The introductory portion was also update to become a much more leaner, yet handy, reference.
  • Details were updated up to about, but not including, Morrison’s New X-Men.
  • Marvel NOW! books were added.
  • Avengers 47-49 added before Uncanny X-Men #43 (43.001) – How Magneto returns from space and Wanda gets depowered.

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