Spider-Man No More! and other times Spider-Man quits

Spider-Man, or more particularly his secret identity Peter Parker, is always putting in doubt his contributions as a superhero. He constantly worries if his actions as a superhero spill over into his real life, and fears that it does more harm than good.

It goes without saying that a reasonable outcome of this behavior is to decide to give up on being a superhero. The ” Spider-Man No More !” issue and cover is the image most comic book fans would retrieve when it comes to this topic, but there are many other instances where this happens. While not as prevalent of a Spider-Man trope as his unmasking, the images and stories of him quitting are among the most prominent ones in the minds of fans as well as casual readers. Here is a rundown on the most prominent ones.

A History of Spider-Man No More ! stories

Spider-Man quits for the first time

Spider-Man No MoreThankfully this notion of quitting did not stick the first time, or we would have had a much shorter run of the Amazing Spider-Man to review. He vows that it will be Spider-Man no more but remembers that with great power comes great responsibility, and decides against it by the end of the issue.

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Spider-Man No More !

Spider-Man No MoreNext up is the classic storyline, partly used as source material for Spider-Man 2, known to some as the best superhero movie ever made. Peter Parker decides to give up being Spider-Man to focus on his family and friends.

The only thing more classic than this story is its cover. Get this cover as a
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The Six Arm Saga

Spider-Man No MoreIn this anniversary issue, Peter decides to try a serum to rid him of his powers in order to focus his life on his family, friends and (mostly) his girlfriend Gwen Stacy. The serum causes him to grow additional arms, furthering his transformation rather than eliminating it.

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Spider-Man No More… (Next Issue, I Promise!)

Spider-Man No MoreThere’s nothing like an anniversary and its moments on retrospection that brings someone to question their role in society and life. As with the previous landmark issues, this anniversary issue once again has Peter questioning his role as Spider-Man, and vowing to quit. He never does quit, as he keeps putting it off during the next few issues, hoping to clear things up, like helping his friend Flash, before he quits.

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Peter Parker gives the Spider-Mantle to Ben Reilly

Spider-Man No MoreAs the clone saga moves into different gear, Peter Parker, believing he is the clone, leaves the mantle of Spider-Man to Ben Reilly (the believed “true” Peter Parker), as he leaves to focus on his upcoming family).

You can all guess how that worked out…

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Identity Crisis

With the public and the police even more particularly against Spider-Man, Peter decides to call it quits as Spider-Man for the time being. With the help of Mary Jane, he comes up with four other superhero identities to embrace to able to continue to do good while as “Spider-Man” lays low.

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The Final Chapter

Spider-Man No MoreSpider-Man has a showdown with the Green Goblin, and vows to Mary Jane that it will thereafter truly be Spider-Man No More.

Naturally, he returns as Spider-Man a few months later, as the series goes through a slight reboot (at least in terms of numbering).

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SM 98

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