Todd McFarlane Comic Book Essentials

For many, Todd McFarlane epitomizes the evolution of the comic book industry in the 90’s. He brought to the industry eye-popping detailed art and dark storytelling, as well as having produced one of the best-selling single issues ever (with multiple covers and touted as highly collectible, assuredly) and spearheaded a creator-owned publishing company. His forays in baseball-collecting, professional sports team ownership and his own line of toys made him a household name.

Hardly any other artist achieved such levels of fame, yet his body of work as an artist (and occasionally writer) remains relatively narrow, most of which falls into either his work on Spider-Man or on his own popular creation, Spawn.

Let us take a look back on the essential Todd McFarlane comic book issues.

Todd McFarlane Comic Book Essentials

The first Todd McFarlane Comic Books – Coyote

Todd McFarlane Comic
Year: 1985
Todd McFarlane had his first full shot at professionally penciling a story on the Epic Comics book Coyote. This is an essential Todd McFarlane comic for true fans.

Todd McFarlane Comic Essential Issues

Coyote #11 (BUY)
Coyote #12 (BUY)
Coyote #13 (BUY)
Coyote #14 (BUY)

The first Todd McFarlane Comic Books – Infinity Inc

Todd McFarlane Comic
Years: 1985 – 1986
Todd McFarlane then moved on to DC comics to lend his talents for a long run on Infinity Inc. Again, these Todd McFarlane comic books are more for die-hard fans looking to track down the artist’s rise to fame.

Todd McFarlane Comic Essential Issues

Infinity Inc. #14 to #37 (BUY)

Todd McFarlane’s Batman

Todd McFarlane Comic
Years: 1987
Before revolutionizing an established superstar hero with Spider-Man, McFarlane had a shot on Batman, another title which would have suited his style as much as the former, had he continued his run. As it were, he only had a run on one storyline, that of “Batman: Year 2“. This short run on this iconic character make these comics true collectibles for the average McFarlane fan, and would be made even more essential had the first part of this four-issue series had been penciled by him as well.

Todd McFarlane Comic Essential Issues

Detective Comics #576 (BUY)
Detective Comics #577 (BUY)
Detective Comics #578 (BUY)

The First Marvel Todd McFarlane Comic Books – Hulk

Todd McFarlane Comic
Years: 1987 – 1988
While we tend to think of Spider-Man as being McFarlane’s first foray in penciling the industry’s top characters, we see now that he not only had the chance to take on Batman, but also Wolverine. In the pages of the Incredible Hulk, McFarlane was able to interpret the most popular X-Man and delivers arguably one of the title’s best covers.

Todd McFarlane Comic Essential Issues

Incredible Hulk #330 to #346 (BUY)

Todd McFarlane Comic Book Highlights – The Amazing Spider-Man

Todd McFarlane Comic
Years: 1988 – 1990
Todd McFarlane truly hit it big when he took on penciling duties on the Amazing Spider-Man. His distinct style updated the iconic for years to come, as subsequent artist would adopt the large eyes and detailed webbing that McFarlane brought to the book. He was also the first to draw Venom during this run.

Todd McFarlane Comic Essential Issues

Amazing Spider-Man #298 to #325 (BUY) and Amazing Spider-Man #328 (BUY)

Also collected in:

Amazing Spider-Man Todd McFarlane Omnibus (Amazon)

Todd McFarlane Comic Book Success – Spider-Man

Todd McFarlane Comic
Years: 1990 – 1991
Todd McFarlane was so successful with his run on Amazing Spider-Man, Marvel gave him his own Spider-Man book, to pencil and write. The first issue was one of the best-selling issues of all time. This stint as writer and penciler was the perfect training ground for his eventual departure to establish a creator-owned publishing company, Image Comics.

Todd McFarlane Comic Essential Issues

Spider-Man #1 to #14 (BUY) and Spider-Man #16 (BUY)

Todd McFarlane Comic Book Original – Spawn

Todd McFarlane Comic
Years: 1991 – Now
While Spawn was not his last effort, it is the book that firmly established Todd McFarlane to where he is today, toiling away on his own creations, whether it be comics or toys or other ventures, most of them are his because of his experience with Spawn. While all Spawn issues could be considered essential Todd McFarlane comic book issues, stick to his first run as sole writer and artist.

Todd McFarlane Comic Essential Issues

Spawn #1 to #7 (BUY)

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