Hot Mary Jane Watson Art : Who Does It Best?

We’re completing Mary Jane Watson Week (see Essential Mary Jane Watson issues and Top Mary Jane Watson Battles) on one of the most important subjects: artwork. Mary Jane went through a few transformations since her introduction, but she remained a bombshell throughout. Here is concise breakdown of the different versions of yet still hot Mary Jane Watson art.

Hot Mary Jane Watson Art Showdown

Hot Mary Jane Watson Art: The Original Look

Hot Mary Jane Watson Art
Mary Jane poses for Peter in Spectacular Spider-Man #134

From her introduction to her marriage, and through almost every artist in-between, Mary Jane had a distinct look, with her red hair and distinct flat haircut. Many artist provided great renditions of hot Mary Jane Watson art, but this particular page by Sal Buscema in Spectacular Spider-Man #134 really stands out for me, showing the playful MJ trying to take a sexy picture for her husband.

Hot Mary Jane Watson Art: McFarlane’s Update

in the 1980’s, Todd McFarlane (among others) updated Mary Jane’s look, taking into account many factors, such as her marriage, her career as an actress, her age as well as the styles of the time. Gone is the flat hair of the sixties and seventies, and in comes the big do’s of the eighties. Personally, I was less of a fan of Mary Jane during this time, as she spent more time worrying and less time in her playful, carefree persona (not to mention I always preferred the original MJ look).

Hot Mary Jane Watson Art by Todd McFarlane from Amazing Spider-Man #319

The Return to a Younger Looking Mary Jane

Mary Jane’s look gradually changed back to a younger look, which is perfectly display when she returns as the “red headed stranger” in Amazing Spider-Man #601. Hot Mary Jane Watson Art provided by J. Scott Campbell.

What are your favorite examples of hot Mary Jane Watson Art?

2 thoughts on “Hot Mary Jane Watson Art : Who Does It Best?

  1. Sal’s art was always classy, even when drawing a bikini-clad girl.

    McFarlane’s however was always crude and vulgar, no matter what.

    1. Sal is the unsung hero of Spider-Man artists. His run with JM DeMatteis is probably one of the best there is, and it is sadly out of print.

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