Top 5 Mary Jane Watson Battles

An addendum to to yesterday’s Essential Mary Jane Watson Comics Timeline, here are other interesting issues featuring MJ. Being Spider-Man’s main squeeze naturally means being a major target for his rogues gallery. The following issues show Mary Jane Watson in action, taking matters in her own hands.

Mary Jane Watson in Action

5 – Mary Jane Watson wears Iron Man Armor

In Marvel Knights Spider-Man #12, Mary Jane, with her life in danger, shoots the Green Goblin.

Mary Jane Watson in Action

4 – Mary Jane Watson (Literally) Beats The Chameleon

After learning Spider-Man’s secret identity, the Chameleon pays a visit to his home, where he encounters Mary Jane all alone. MJ goes into rage mode, and beats him with what seems to be a bat or a stick. Spider-Man arrives on the scene a little late, but with everything in control. All of this wraps up in Spectacular Spider-Man #245, part of one of my favorite Spider-Man runs by J.M. DeMatteis and Luke Ross.
Mary Jane Watson in Action

3 – Mary Jane Watson Wears Spider-Man Costume

Captured by Alistaire Smythe, he mistakenly believes that MJ is Spider-Man. MJ leads him on in an attempt to escape. The cover of this issue, Amazing Spider-Man Annual #19 features a cover with MJ donning Spider-Man’s costume.

Mary Jane Watson in Action

2 – Mary Escapes From Jonathan Caesar

Jonathan Caesar, a disturbed and wealthy fan, kidnaps MJ (You’d think she already has enough danger to deal with Spider-Man related kidnappings). She manages to escape by knocking him out with a lamp (She has a lousy shot, but apparently a great arm!). These events concluded in Amazing Spider-Man Annual #309.

Mary Jane Watson in Action

1 – Mary Jane Becomes Red Sonja

Any fan of Mary Jane Watson, especially in full-on action, must own the Marvel Team-Up issue where Mary Jane becomes Red Sonja by entering Kulan Gath’s alternate reality. All this happens in Marvel Team Up #79, brought to you by the all-star team of Chris Claremont and John Byrne, whose X-Men run is among the most popular in the history of comics.

Mary Jane Watson in Action

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