Spider-Man Reading Order Updated

My personal Spider-man reading order I posted has been getting some good feedback. I’ll be continuing to improve on it, adding in more info regarding particular storyline reading order. If any of you out there have any contributions to which issues should be grouped into storylines, do not hesitate to leave a comment on this post or on the Spider-man reading order page.

Spider-Man Reading Order now includes storylines

An important change added was the addition of storyline names to the read order, making it much easier to visually pick out the important arcs.

Coming soon to the Spider-Man Reading Order

Also coming soon to this blog will be a spider-man reading for specific characters, such as the essential Green Goblin read order, Doctor Octopus, etc.

In future, I’ll be posting my personal X-Men reading order, which I believe will be even more helpful as the flow is much more convoluted than the Spider-Man reading order.

Check out my Spider-Man reading order here.

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