X-Men Reading Order now includes custom filters

The Personalized X-Men Reading Order

Our popular X-Men reading order has been updated, gaining the same features as our Spider-Man reading order, which features columns containing creators, characters and storylines. These lists also now have a search box, which instantly filters the list along any information included in the read order. You’ll be surprised how quick the filters work and how easy it is to create your own X-men reading order segment.

Using the filterable X-Men reading order

X-Men Reading Order
Wolverine #75, an essential issue the X-Men reading order list.

The X-Men read order really comes to life when using the filter option, which allows you to create custom lists. Some interesting searches include creator search, such as “Claremont”, or “Claremont Byrne” for a list of issues in order of their incredible team up. Try searching “Zero Tolerance” or “Onslaught” for a read order for these complex, intertwining crossover events. Also try searching by character; you can even search for more than one, such as “Gambit Rogue” to get all appearances of these two characters together within the X-Men reading order. Get creative, and search creators AND characters, such as “Madureira Gambit” to get a list of issues featuring that artist tackling a favorite character.

Drop us a comment on what improvements you would like to see in the X-Men reading order. Remember, this order is meant to be a more concise X-Men reading order, which sticks mostly to the core titles, but includes others in order to not miss out on the whole story.

Start using the X-Men reading order now

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