Top 25 Spider-Man Stories – Your Turn to Vote!

Vote on the Top 25 Spider-Man Stories

top 25 spider-man storiesOur previous post regarding the top 25 Spider-Man stories took a lot of work to put together. We had compiled as many online lists we could find, giving each a particular weighting and creating a points system in order to get the rankings right.

Still, wouldn’t it be even better if everyone could easily tweak the results? Now you can!

Top 25 Spider-Man Stories Plexo Vote

We created a a plexo voting list of these issues, with the option to add more, on a new Squidoo lenses: Top 25 Spider-Man stories.

Below is a snippet of the current top 10 of that list.

Above and Beyond the Top 25 Spider-Man Stories

Looking for even more issues considered the best Spider-Man stories? Search “Best!” in our Chronological Spider-Man Reading List.

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