Best Spider-Man Covers

For the past 50 years, Spider-Man has been great fodder for comic book cover eye candy.  Many artists want a kick at the can of drawing an iconic Spider-Man slinging, or perched, on the cover[…]

Spider-Man Lizard Comic Book Essentials

The Lizard is probably not the first villain you think of when considering Spider-Man’s rogues gallery. In fact, the Amazing Spider-Man Lizard hasn’t really been featured in many issues, despite having an early appearance cementing[…]

Todd McFarlane Comic Book Essentials

For many, Todd McFarlane epitomizes the evolution of the comic book industry in the 90’s. He brought to the industry eye-popping detailed art and dark storytelling, as well as having produced one of the best-selling[…]

Top 5 Mary Jane Watson Battles

An addendum to to yesterday’s Essential Mary Jane Watson Comics Timeline, here are other interesting issues featuring MJ. Being Spider-Man’s main squeeze naturally means being a major target for his rogues gallery. The following issues[…]

Read Order for Spider-Man Now Searchable

Today’s update on the read order for Spider-Man core titles contained some major goodies! it contains much more information, such as featured characters, year of publication, comic book age (bronze, modern, etc.) and major creative[…]